The Nine Lives of Chloe King (2011) | Kiba Dark Knight Gaiden Kiba Dark Knight Gaiden: The spirit of Kiba the Dark Makai Knight influenced everything since the beginning. Though he called himself a Makai Knight, Kiba was no different to a Horror. Kibas spirit resides inside what was once a grey colored Makai Armor thats filled with the dark knowledge of Makai Power. As Barago absorbed Horror after Horror, Kiba eventually deformed into an organically pure black armor with a cape. Kiba assumed full control over his host upon Meishas defeat by Kouga. Actor and musician Masaki Kyomoto reprises his role as psychologist and counselor Karune Ryuzaki, the disguise for villainous Makai Knight Barago who is later taken over by the Dark Makai Knight Kiba, from the original GARO television series in a film revealing the characters history as well as the characters actions during the television series prior to his final battle. Mika Hijii also reprises her role as Kaoru Mitsuki, the female lead of GARO and one of Ryuzakis patients who Barago intends to use to revive the Horror Messiah. Singer Leah Dizon joins the cast of Kiba Gaiden as the mysterious woman known as Makai Monk Elda who directs Barago towards his goal. 59/100 2011 Watch | Las apariencias engañan


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Scandal poster

Type: Serie
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release Year: 2012

Producer: Betsy Beers
Soundtrack: Michael Jackson
Director: Debbie Allen
Writer: Shonda Rhimes
Composer: Chad Fischer
Episode air date:

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Description: A White House Communications Director leaves to start her own crisis management firm only to discover she hasn't left the past behind.




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